Interface Condition

All Known Implementing Classes:
BugFixedCondition, CostLossCheckCondition, DeployAndReleaseCondition, OperationRunningDependentCondition, TestingPassedCondition, TrueCondition

public interface Condition

A condition is an expression that is appended to a transition between to states. If the processing leaves one state, all conditions are evaluated in random order. The first condition which results in "true" will be selected for further processing and the controler follows this transaction.

If no transaction is found which results true, an exception is thrown. NoMatchingTransitionConditionFoundException.

Patrick Heusser

Method Summary
 boolean conditionTrue(StateContext currentContext)
 java.lang.String traceInfo()

Method Detail


java.lang.String traceInfo()


boolean conditionTrue(StateContext currentContext)

by Patrick Heusser