Monte Carlo Simulation parameters

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global simulation settings
T001 number of simulation days within one simulation iteration (the higher value, the longer simulation takes to complete) days
T002 number of simulation iterations (the higher value, the longer simulation takes to complete) iterations
T003 collect number of business context for showing in result. (since collecting all detailed results would use to much memory, only a few random contexts are collected for in depth diagnostics.) number
business process general settings
G001 delivered software non conformity costs (this is the main variable. it describes the quality of our software, respectively the decrease in the process value) currency
G002 the planned process gain (the earning that we expect of the whole process). it's an expection. and the value will be decreased by the current software non conformity costs, which itself will be reduced by defect fixing over the time. currency
G003 the cost loss caused through all known bugs must be greater then this trigger value to start fixing of defects currency
G004 the cost loss caused by an complete operation outage for one day. currency
G010 defines the cost for a bug fix: aspect gaussian standard deviation (values: 1=68%, 2=95%, 3=99.7%, 4=99.9) distribution: stdDev
G011 defines the cost for a bug fix: aspect gaussian minimum distribution: min
G012 defines the cost for a bug fix: aspect gaussian maximum distribution: max
business process settings: action fix costs
F001 costs for testing currency
F002 costs for documentation and finishing the bug fixing process currency
F003 costs for deploying and releasing of a new software currency
F004 costs for impact analysis of a newly dicovered bug currency
F005 costs for adding a bug the fix-later-list in case where it was not worth to fix it immediately currency
business process settings: probabilites
P001 probability that the production system suffers an outage percentage
P002 probability that the incident team resolves an production outage within the day of occurence percentage
P003 probability for finding a new bug percentage
P004 probability that a developer fixes a bug on the first try with success percentage
P005 probability that a previously fixed bug passes the software testing by the first time percentage
P006 chance that a software package which is ready for release will be deployed correctly by the first time percentage
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